What's Wrong between Arya and Hansika ?

Arya and Hansika during those times of Settai, shared such good chemistry both On and off Screen that even rumors of a love between both were sparked off. It was based on this chemistry that Arya with supreme confidence asked the producers to approach Hansika for his Raja Rani movie. 
Hansika during the Settai times even went on to say Arya was her favourite co-star she said "Arya may look very rough on the outside but once you get to really know him, he is sweetest person you'll ever meet , he is never selfish and has helped me out in so many ways. Although i have acted with many actors , Arya impressed me the most , i don't even care it creates any irk among the other actors , i always speak my heart." 
But when Hansika was indeed approached by the Raja Rani producers on Arya's recommendation, She seemed to have turned down the offer citing she wishes to pair up with  only successful heroes and Settai was a huge disappointment for her. Hansika's reply seems to really hurt Arya who is currently hellbent on proving his mettle as a successful actor.


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