The Engagement Gallery of G.V Prakash and Saindhavi

Engagement Pictures of G.V Prakash and Saindhavi

G.V Prakash recalls the special story of how he made Saindhavi fall in love with him..

Its known fact that GV and Saindhavi were school mates but as of now how they fell in love with each other was still a mystery but GV Prakash has finally revealed the secret. 
GV said that it was while he doing his 10th that he fell for Saindhavi who was at that time in 8th standard , GV really liked her and he gifted her with two teddy bears, which would say 'I Love You' when pressed. Saindhavi really liked G.V's gift and since then they have been in love with each other and are all set to get married tomorrow the 27th of June.

Here is the Wedding Gallery of G.V Prakash & Saindhavi


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