I Don't want to Sing Kolaveri Again - Dhanush

Dhanush who became a International Superstar overnight over the success of Why This Kolaveri Di ? has commented that he would never do such a number again. 
Dhanush's Bollywood Debut Raanjhnna has already hit the screen today and has been receiving rave reviews. In the promotional event which was in held in Mumbai yesterday Dhanush had this to say.

"I was not looking for a career in Bollywood, Raanjhnaa just came to me by chance, Not knowing Hindi or entering a new space never bothered me but the only problem was I did not have that kind of time and was not ready to do a Hindi film. But the script convinced me and I am glad I took it up, I didn't take any Hindi classes because I didn't have time. Anand sir and my writer helped me with the language on sets. They made sure I did it right. If I knew the language better I could have given more and been more comfortable"

Dhanush also added that the Kolaveri Song was haunting him, "It is just annoying after a point. I don't want to sing that song anymore. It has started haunting me and I just want to stay away from it. Everywhere I go people associate me with it, I want to get away from it"


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