Google Ranks Vijay Number 1 !

Fans world's most used search engine Google have released the top trends of the year 2013 and have also added 2013 to their google trend search module. Here is the list when we compared Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan on the google trends for 2013, Here is the result 
Blue - Vijay
Red - Ajith
Yellow - Surya
Green- Rajinikanth
Indigo - Kamal Haasan


  1. rajni and kamal are the great actors in kollywood ......till present....this poll clearly indicates that it is a fake news...

  2. machi that not thalaiva flop thalaiva flop check news that all people use and one more think thalaiva movie guy suicide pls says to vijay pls help family because that guy was for vijay pls give money to the family k after u can say he is next super star k
    if this kind of matter was happen thalaivar rajinikanth he will give the to family and he will prayer for god for the guy that some my dear thala also do some kind after u will vijay next super star after u check google rank llist k go say to thalaiva 1th give money to family k k k k k friend her after dont we r the next super star
    there is only super star india that is our thalaivar rajinikanth

  3. Very Funny Results... But Siripu than varala...

  4. joke of the year =D

  5. true....vijay photo download pani ata edit pani avana ooturatuku search panirupanga or avan enga copy panirukan nu pakratuku search panirupanga...(real Fact)

  6. Theriyathavangalai pathi thaan google lae theduvangalae

  7. yes this is right....because surya and vijay are not popular so they have to be searched .

    ajith kumar must be first place......

  9. People either u fight for Vijay or Ajith or Rajini or whom so ever , no hero is gona feed u or lead u in ur life dont waste ur time by fighting for actors they act for there purpose so they earning u dnt fight stupid people , just look for the talents and appreciate whom ever does the best.. Evalodhan advise panninalum neengalam thirundhave maatinga

  10. sometimes truth is hard to believe.. Vj mass


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