Producers are being Blackmailed says President of Producer's Council

Keyar, the President of the Producer's council addressed a burning issue in our industry at the audio launch of Ennamo Nadakkadhu. Keyar said there were namely three associations - Producers Council, Producer's council Guild and the Film Chamber of Commerce to register movie titles. 
Some people are registering titles at the Guild and Chamber of Commerce because charges are less there and then after registering the title, they wait fo the right oppurtunity to create an issue over the title being similar to their and use it to blackmail money from the big producers. For example incase of Ivan Vera Mathiri just days before release of this movie, some group registered a title Ivan Oru Mathiri to blackmail the producers for a sum of 7-8 lakhs to change the title.
This situation should change and proper regulations must be made said Keyar. he also added that they are working on joint action committee to sort out of the issue.


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