When Arya said he will marry Pooja !!

Actress Pooja who made a strong comeback with Vidiyum Munn recently opened up in an interview to leading magazine. Here is what the actress had to say on the marriage rumor with Arya

Back in our city, within 22 to 24 years marriage will be over and knowing this Arya usually mocks me saying "If no one marries you don't worry i will marry you". This became a huge publicity. I don't take anything seriously and i'll repeat once again Arya is my best friend !!

When asked if anyone else had proposed her ? The actress said she doesn't give that much space to anyone to let them make love proposals. So there is no chance for anyone to fall in love with me. On question of when she will marry. Pooja said as of now there is no idea and it's something that should be decided with alot a thought !!


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