Fahadh's Father talks about Nazriya Nazim

The news everyone is talking about today has to be the marriage  Fahadh and Nazriya. Here is what Fahadh's father, director Fazil had to say about the decision on getting Fahadh and Nazriya married to each other.

"The marriage between Fahadh and Nazriya came to me as a dream about a month and half ago. Now I heard that they are going to act in a movie together. Nazriya is a very homely girl. I know her from when she was a kid. I called her parents and asked them if we could go ahead with this relationship. They were ready to think about it, just that they were not sure if Fahadh and Nazriya would be interested in the marriage.

After we, parents, decided on this, we spoke to Fahadh. My wife told him, that marriage has to be a strong bonding relationship till the end. I spoke to Fahadh and Nazriya and advised them to think very well before accepting the proposal and not to accept it out of excitement.

I asked them to take as much time as they wanted without going past any limit. Fahadh felt she is a very homely girl. The exact words he used was, 'she is magic'. Nazriya also seemed to be equally excited. So, we parents thought of deciding on further proceedings. We decided on a tentative date sometime in August.

This era is dominated by the social media. I felt the news would lose its grace if it comes out before we announce it. That is why we decided on things and let the press know about it. 

I have asked Fahadh and Nazriya to be prepared to answer questions from the media. As parents, we thought that this relationship will work and have guided them too. The rest is on their shoulders. I congratulate both Fahadh and Nazriya and wish them good luck."


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