Vaal To be Vijay's Biggest Movie till date

As SS Music reported yesterday there was buzz that A.R.Murugadoss - Vijay project was titled as 'VAAL'. The latest buzz is that A.R.Murugadoss has himself confirmed that they are indeed considering two titles in Vaal (Sword) and Aam and the official confirmation will only be made after the title has been fixed.

Multiple sources have also reported that this project will be Vijay's biggest in terms of budget. Produced by Ayngaran, The movie stars Vijay, Samantha and Satheesh of Ethir Neechal fame and Music by our young rockstar Anirudh Ravichander. Considering the salary of Vijay, A.R.Murugadoss and Samantha that itself amounts of several crores.

The story of the movie is based on the happenings in Kolkata which amounts to further crores being spent. Considering all the factors one can safely say that this will indeed be the biggest project of Vijay's career and is expected to be a Diwali 2014 release. There is also an added buzz that Sun TV has already notched up the satellite rights of movie.

Updated 23/01/2014
A.R.Murugadoss has just tweeted that no official confirmation has been made on the title yet, Read his tweet right here 


  1. we are waiting for your movie vijay anna...

  2. cute pair.thalaiva u r grate

  3. Pathetic condition of our country...... people are ready to spend crores on film but not for science and Education..... still there are many schools without basic facility and many researcher are migrating to abroad due to lack of fund.... but I really wonder how our country is ready to spend on movies, political and cricket while there are many basic needs are yet to be fulfilled.

  4. yes. Vijay fans are awaiting for his VAAL movie which is expected be released in 2014 deepawali.

    video about VAAL movie release date.

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