Sameera Reddy talks about her Secret Wedding

Actress Sameera Reddy finally opened up to reveal the facts about the hurried secret wedding. Here is the entire interview of Sameera Reddy who married Akshai Varde on January 21st.

On the sudden marriage 
"Isn’t this the best way to do it? Months of painful planning causes so much stress for the parents. The couple itself is in agony over every issue from clothes to guests to their future together. Akshai and I were supposed to marry in April. But then we decided to take the plunge right away. My sister Meghna was down from abroad with her baby and so was Akshai’s sister. They both felt it’d be impossible for them to travel down to India again in April. Besides, the pundits kept saying Jan 21 was an exceptionally auspicious day. Akshai said, why not....I said, why knot? Ha ha. And we said, ‘I Do.’And I am glad we did.”

On how they met 
“Akshai has his own range of mo’bikes.That’s how we met. I love mo’bikes and riding them is my passion. Akshai saw me whizzing past on this really mean macho machine. I think he was impressed by my love for mo’bikes. Our relationship started there. We’ve known each other for years. Akshai is well-known in his own field but not part of showbiz. I think that was very important for me. I wanted to marry outside the film industry.”

Who were present at the wedding ?
“Only Vijay Mallya who is  related from my mother’s side gave me away to the groom. That apart there were only friends and family.”

Her Honeymoon ?
The honeymoon would have to be postponed. “Akshai has to attend an auto-expo in February. After that we’ll go on our honeymoon and it will be a biking trip, what else? At the moment I am just basking in the feeling of being Mrs Akshai Varde. You know, at the post-wedding dinner my shy husband took the guitar and sang an Eric Clapton song for me. The moment was magical. I wanted to hold on to that moment for a lifetime,” 


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