Why Thalaiva was Better than Jilla & Arrambam Better than Veeram

ATMUS Entertainment one of the trustable sources in the industry which provides the overseas box office reports came up with an intresting report on the two Pongal biggies Veeram and Jilla. ATMUS Entertainment firstly revealed the total gross of Jilla and Veeram in the U.S Box Office as of Tuesday 21st January which was

  • Jilla $240381 
  • Veeram $228055

They also came up with an another intresting report that these overall collection of Jilla and Veeram were actually less than Thala Thalapathy's previous release in Arrambam and Thalaivaa

Jilla had grossed $30K less than Thalaivaa while Ajith's Veeram had grossed $140K less than Arrambam. They went on add that both Jilla and Veeram would have grossed over $300K if released separately and the USA market couldn't handle two biggies at the sametime.


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