It wasn't lingerie Clarifies Shruti Haasan

Actress Shruti Haasan in recent interview to the Times of Hyderabad opened up on various headlines including the controversial Maxim Photoshoot and Why she dropped out of Kamal Haasan's movie. Here are excerpts from the interview 

On Maxim Photoshoot 

"First of all, I want to clarify, it wasn't lingerie. It was one of those 'girl things' I guess. You fancy wearing some clothes, but put it off for later, because you want to lose two inches here, a couple of inches there. I was shooting for Balupu and had been swimming a lot. I felt I was in good shape and decided to do the long pending photo shoot. That's all there was to it"

On the  Comparisons with her National Award winning parents 

"It was funny. Initially, the critics were like 'she doesn't act like Kamal'. Well, they did not act like Kamal and Sarika in their first film either! Now, they say stuff like, 'she's Kamal's daughter only no, she has acting in her genes', I'm doing my 15th film now. My parents would have seen 2.5 films of mine. I've never discussed a script with them to ask them for advice before I signed a movie, nor have they ever made any calls for me. Every decision has been my own. I love Kamal and Sarika because they are my parents. But nobody buys me a car because of that, and you aren't flooded with offers either. I'm proud of my lineage, but never really depended on it anyway whatsoever.

On her busy shooting schedule 

"Right now,my life is all about moving from one vanity van to the other. I have no life of my own actually. I had just taken two days off for New Year's Eve and since then, I have been working non-stop. I wouldn't want it any other way. My dad has been looking forward to work with me and met me recently. But I did not have the dates, can you beat that!"

On her love life 

"Even if Ryan Gosling were to ask me out, I'd have to check with my directors A good relationship requires an extremely good man. I think I've earned that, worked hard to be independent and ambitious so whoever shows up must be able to take better care of me than myself, and trust me, I've not met him,He must love me more than I love myself."


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