STR talks about Marriage with Hansika, Rumors about Nayanthara and much more

Young Superstar STR in a recent interview to a  leading magazine has put an end to all the rumors surrounding his love life. The actor spoke in length about his views on marriage, his relationship with Hansika and his friendship with Nayanthara. Here are some extracts from the interview 

His views on Marriage : 
"I'm not the one for marriage, Even in the case of my friends or relatives wedding i just attend the reception and come off as quickly as i can, I just don't know why but marriage gives me a jail feeling. Even love is almost a jail but the difference being the key will be in your hands and you can open the door and walk away at any point of time but it's not possible in the case of Marriage. It's almost like someone locks you up and throws away that key to freedom. If i wanted to get married i would have done it when i was 19 years old but till this moment i just feel girl of my dream has to come".

Will you marry Hansika ?
"Nothing is in my hands, Who knows anything can happen ? For now we both like each other and we are together that's it ! When i acted with Hansika for the first time in Vettai Mannan she never spoke a extra word other than what was in the script, i did not even have her mobile number with me. But on one fine day we just started to speak and we never stopped till date. Even we don't know how long this journey will continue".

On those rumors that Hansika was upset on you acting with Nayanthara and Hansika's mother doesn't like you ?
"I have never hidden my relationship status and if there were any issues i would openly convey them. If Hansika's mom did not support our love then how would we meet regularly ? There is no role for Nayanthara in the relationship that exists between me and Hansika. 
Currently Hansika is currently acting with several actors, can i say that's wrong ? That's exactly the same way Hansika sees me acting with Nayanthara. Only certain people who can't digest the fact that i'm acting with Nayan spread these rumors. It's very simple Hansika is my lover and Nayan is my friend".

On why he doesn't deliver roles like Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya ?
"To whom should i prove my acting talents ? What am i gonna get if i prove that talent ? Ok if i really perform what will you give me...A National Award ? What should i do with that award ? People ask me Dhanush has received a National award when are you gonna get one ? Why should i get that award ? Why did i come into acting ? Fans should clap and whistle when i'm on screen, fans should leave happily after viewing my movie, That's my job i have to entertain them. I sing good and dance well and i love to be jovial and i love and want my movies to be that way too".


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