STR Talks about Thala & Thalapathy

It's no secret that STR that is huge Thala fan, The young superstar has time and again stated how much he adores Thala and in an recent interview STR said he likes Ajith because of his real life personality. He added that he was a huge fan of Superstar Rajinikanth and even when his first film Monisha En Monalisa was released, he went to watch only Rajini’s film with his friends and not his film.

STR added "After Rajinikanth, It is only Ajith who has taken the place of the superstar. I somehow see myself in Ajith. He is a star to me because he is the REAL hero in real life too, Though I'm an actor I can't see my films like a fan with whistles and claps but I will be doing it for an Ajith film".

Simbu also cautiously said " As I'm speaking high on Ajith , never write that I don't like Vijay anna (brother) because i have the utmost respect for Vijay Anna too.


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