Thangar Bachchan's Controversial Comment on Kamal Haasan's Padma Bhushan

One of the veteran Directors of Kollywood Thangar Bachchan who has directed movies like Azhagi and Solla Marandha Kadhai has created a new controversy questioning the Padma Bhushan award which was given to Kamal Haasan. According to a leading portal the director questioned the award stating Kamal Haasan was an just an actor to receives Salary to do his acting and hasn't done any service to the society. Thangar Bachchan went on add that this doesn't mean Kamal Haasan is a bad actor he is a good actor indeed but there are many artists who really do service to the society and deserve this award far more than Kamal Haasan.

Thangar Bachchan's comment on Ulaga Nayagan has certainly irked the numerous fans of this living legend who has just done so much for our Kollywood industry.


  1. some people just talk bullshit to come toi limelight by using legends name....just dont even speak abt them....

  2. Its because your immaturity Thangar Bachan Sir. You can comment on others job. He is born and brought up for Cinema and he is only actor who competes World cinema. Stop bothering him at least by now onwards and if you are not ready appreciate about what he is and what he achieved better don't find these kinda cheap publicity and leave him alone. He would make us proud and take the cinema to the next level for sure!!!!...HE IS AN ACTOR NOT AN POLITICIAN. PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE...

  3. Remember u r just Thangar Bachan and not Amitabh Bachan. Even the legendary Amitabh Bachan has no rights to comment about our Ulaga Nayagan and will not.

  4. What have YOU done for this society apart from seeking publicity? Think about it first before commenting on a legend who has given his life and ploughed money back into his own industry. He has been the pioneer for many innovative ideas in his field and has been a role model for acting talents. If i can remember, he was the first actor to start blood donation camps. He has donated for so many causes without any publicity and is doing more for the palliative care as well. I strongly feel, in the field of art he deserves Bharat Ratna....We missed recognizing Sivaji Ganesan....let us not miss the opportunity to voice out our support for Kamal. No other actor in this world had a stint of 50 years in cinema field.


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