Trisha & Nayan talk about their Fight & Friendship

Actress Trisha and Nayanthara the two leading of South Indian Cinema have made several headlines with their cat-fights. The duo however were recently found partying together in Chennai, Here is what Trisha and Nayan had to say on their newly found friendship "It is true that initially we weren't friends and there were some competition between us as few others have tried their best to separate us , Later during a filmfare we started speaking to each other and since then we have become good friends".

Trisha and Nayan went on to add that " We have common friends in Chennai and Hyderabad , so whenever time permits both of us along with our friends will spend together".

Trisha opened up on Nayan stating  "Nayanthara will be the first person to call and wish me for my films, she will also give her honest feedback about my films and Nayanthara is very genuine".

Nayanthara in turn was also all praises for Trisha stating " Trisha is a honest, independent person and it is always fun to be with her,Trisha is the biggest survivor in the industry, many girls have come and gone but Trisha is consistent and I'm proud of her".


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