Vijay 57's Villain reveals the story of the movie !

A.R.Murugadoss's movies always shed equal limelight to both the protagonist and the antagonist roles in the movie and hence the ace director is very choosy in selecting his actors. For Vijay 57, A.R.M has selected a bengali actor Tota Roy to play the antagonist role in the movie.
The bengali actor in a recent interview revealed the storyline of the movie, The actor also confirmed the news we earlier reported on 24/01/2014 that Vijay was indeed playing a dual role 

Tota Roy went on reveal that he plays an international gangster Vivek Banerjee and inorder to arrest Tota, Police seek Vijay's help who is actually a criminal mastermind in Kolkata. When Tota gets arrested as per Vijay's plan he then breaks out the jail and seeks revenge against Vijay. Tota then finds Vijay only to later discover that this Vijay was just a dummy of original criminal master mind (also played by Vijay). 

Tota further revealed that they have shot some scenes in the first schedule along with Vijay and they will shooting some of the upcoming schedules in Rajahmundry, Hyderabad for the jail sequence.


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