Kollywood Furious over Deepika's Tamil Accent in Chennai Express

Bollywood movies for long have stereotyped South Indians and our films, We hoped and thought Shah Rukh Khan's Chennai Express would be different specially after SRK's recent visit to Chennai, but we were all wrong.
Deepika Padukone accent as a South Indian in the trailer was absolutely horrendous , we have never come across any south Indian speaking Tamil in such a accent. 
The entire Twitter fraternity expressed their sheer disbelief and outrage over Deepika's Tamil accent in the movie, However only few Celebrities like Chinmayi and Archana Kalapathi CEO of AGS Cinemas came out and shared their thoughts on the Chennai Express Trailer..
Updated 14/06/2013
More celebrities like Actor Siddarth and Shanathanu Bhagiyaraj also tweeted their displeasure at the Chennai Express Trailer

Updated 18/06/2013
Veteran actor Mohan Raman who is also part of Chennai Express cast has come out and voiced his support for SRK's Chennai Express which has been Subjected to many remarks over the odd tamil accent of Deepika Padukone. Here is the tweet by Mohan Raman

Here is the trailer of Chennai Express in-case you missed it 


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