Fans Screaming Get Lost Samantha and Siddharth !!!

Samantha and Siddharth are today's biggest headline with #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth  Trending both in twitter and Facebook. Our Kollywood fans might not be aware of why such a crazy hashtag has been trending, However it was Samantha's own undoing, her recent comment about Mahesh Babu's Nenokadine poster has created a huge outburst among Mahesh Babu fans. Siddharth's supportive comments added more insult to the injury and the result #GetlostSamanthaandSiddharth trended on twitter.

Here is the poster of Nenokadine which is in question 

Without mentioning the film's name, Samantha made this tweet 
This tweet immediately fetched the actress many opposing comments in tweets,  It was at this juncture when Siddharth stepped in and tweeted in support of Samantha and opposed Mahesh Babu fans behaviour. Here are the tweets made by Siddharth on this regard 


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