Poonam Kaur refuses to wear costume given by Designer

It's usual a sight in South Indian Industry to see wives of film director turn into costume designers for their films. The latest addition was the wife of Tollywood Director Krishna Reddy Ganadhasuu of 'Adu Magadura Bujji'.
According to a source, the Director's wife got into a fight with the film's heroine Poonam Kaur. Apparently, the actress had refused to wear the costume given by the designer for a particular song and insisted on wearing a dress of her own choice, The director wife was adamant and said  'You have to wear this' and walked out instead.
Sources add the fact that the director let the film's hero Sudhir Babu to get his personal designer Neeraja Kona to design his outfits could have triggered off his wife's anger and she took it out on Poonam instead.


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