Vijay Sethupathy's First Movie Audition and why he was Rejected

Actor Vijay Sethupathi who is current sensation of Kollywood recently participated in a talkshow at Pudhu Yugam Channel. Here are some intresting titbits from the Interview 

  • On the worst insult he had received in his career - When he was chased away from the shooting spot while he was about to have lunch as unnamed person told him he doesn't belong here.
  • He never had the courage to even propose - Vijay Sethupathi said he was someone who was always shy in his life to the extent that he did not even have the courage to propose to the one he loved. The actor said he was in love with a girl for 3 years while in school and then another 4 years in his college life but he was sure that the girls till date wouldn't even know if he had loved them. 
  • On his wife Jessie - Vijay said the same shy guy proposed on the second day to her, She was his friend's office colleague and within one week he had informed his parents and in just 5 months he was married to her. 
  • On his fear of failure - Vijay revealed he is indeed very afraid that with all the massive attention he his currently getting he might all of sudden totally disappear and he doesn't want to be branded an seasonal hit actor.
  • The first autograph he ever signed - It was during the shoot of 'Lee' where he acted with Sibi Raj and they were shooting in a football field when one boy ran up to him to get his autograph, Vijay revealed that he told that boy that the hero was there (Pointing at Sibi Raj) However the boy told him that he had seen in a serial (PENN) and got his autograph.
  • His First Shoot and why he was rejected - Vijay Sethupathi said the first shoot he ever went to was Kamal Haasan's Nammavar shooting where he and his friends auditioned for a scene where they just had to walk in the background as a college student but he alone was rejected for being a "PALAM" 
  • Confessions - Vijay confessed he once drank his father's drink (Alcohol) while he studying in 8th STD has he thought it would be very tasty, The actor also confessed his first party was with his dad when he studied 12th where he drank with his dad.


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