Why is Prabhu Deva Homeless ?

It's known that actress Sri Devi's Apartment had recently caught fire on December 21st. Though her entire family was safely escorted from the house the fire burnt the entire house living them homeless. Actor Prabhu Deva who was  renting in Green Acres Building in Andheri to Sridevi, who is the owner of the flat has returned his apartment to Sridevi.

Sources add that  "When Prabhu heard Sri Devi and her family were staying in different places because their bungalow caught fire, he immediately offered the actress her apartment. He had been staying on rent at Sri's flat for a couple of years. And he just felt it was right for him to give her the flat back so that she and her family are not inconvenienced.'' 

Director and Actor Prabhu Deva however did not account for his own housing ways as this has left him currently homeless. The actor who has his permanent home in Chennai and all these years has only been living on rent in Mumbai. To avoid being roofless the actor over the few days was  was travelling to Chennai and Mysore. And he is expected back in Mumbai tomorrow. Sources add his friends are very desperately looking out for the actor to shift to when he returns to Mumbai on Jan 4. Actress Sridevi and her family who travelled to Maldives for their new year break are slowly getting their furniture and other belongings back into the Green Acres apartment and have started living there.


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