Asin Saying She is tired of Acting in those Films !

Actress Asin who received severe flak from Bipasha Basu for bragging too much about her movies being in 100 crore club has now decided that she will only do films where she is offered meaty roles and not just for sake of it. 

Asin had this say "I have been very lucky in Bollywood that I have got the chance to work with established actors in such a short span of time. I am happy that most of my films did good business and either set or broke records at the box-office. I am tired of starring in those films where I am being a part just for the sake of it. In the near future, I have decided on that I will take up only those projects where my character has a scope to perform. From now onwards, doing a film just the sake of being seen onscreen is not my criteria".


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