Anushka reveals her Favourite Film and Answers Marriage Rumors with Prabhas

Actress Anushka Shetty is currently a full time jet setter. While her film Baahubali is being currently shot in Kerala, her another project directed by Guna, Rudramadevi has now shifted base to Adilabad. A huge set has been reportedly made near the Kuntala waterfalls where some vital scenes are being canned.

The actress is playing similar roles in both the films – one as a warrior princess and another as a mighty queen. Both these projects big budget flicks with high production values, state of the art VFX effects. The actress who has recently part of Natchathira Jaanal show with Arya as a part of Irandam Ulagam Promotion opened up and revealed some interesting aspects of her cini-life. Anushka Shetty revealed Vaanam/Vedam was her favourite movie and considered Yoga to be her life and called Nayanthara "Elegant". Anushka Shetty also said she was most comfortable in working with Surya and Vikram.  The beautiful actress also said she was aware of the marriage rumor with Prabhas and said some people have even come up to her and conveyed that they look so good on screen and that they should marry each other. Anushka furthermore added falling in love in with her co-stars or actors will never happen.


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