Nazriya Talks about the Love with Jai, Naiyandi Controversy and Why the movie Flopped ?

Controversial heroine Nazriya Nazim in a recent interview to Ananda Vikatan opened up on several issues from the Naiyaandi Controversy, to her relationship with Jai and much more. Here are some excerpts from the interview

On the Naiyaandi Controversy
Even before acting in the movie, I clearly explained that i wont act in such and such manners, After all these conditions were accepted only did i sign the agreement. It was my friends who saw the Naiyandi Trailer and called me and said there was a scene like this. I immediately contacted Sargunam and said i never acted in such a scene and asked him if can i watch a preview of the movie ? You did not come for shooting so i shot with a dupe artist. Preview is not possible said Sargunam. It was this ego issue that caused the controversy. Yes Money is very important in the industry but trust is more important.

The result of the movie wasn't that good too ?
If they did not do such cheating, Maybe the movie would have come out good.

About the talk that You're in love with Jai ?
If i Love Jai, ill definitely come out and say, But No..What can i do..Jai is my friend, A very good friend who knows everyone in my family too. That's it !!


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