Samantha is Shocked After What Happened to Shruti Haasan

The attack actress Shruti Haasan suffered is still the biggest headline around the country. Sources have now come up with an explantion for the sudden attack, they say that the attacker narrowed down Shruti's location with the help of her tweets. Shruti who is very active on twitter has been tweeting regulary about the ‘places’ she’s been visiting, regularly... including Shirdi and schedules in and around the city of Mumbai. Sources say the the 'location tweeting' was the reason the attacker was able to find shruti's residence.
Samantha another actress who is really active on twitter said “I was really shocked when I heard that Shruti was attacked in her own apartment, I didn’t know tweeting could lead to a situation like that and I think, after this incident, I should stop personal tweets. Now, I’ll just tweet about my movies and my work,” 


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