Producer Council President's Controversial Comment on Irandam Ulagam

Selvaraghavan's much anticipated Irandam Ulagam is definitely the most debated topic in Kollywood currently, Never as a movie got such extreme comments, while some are praising the movie for visual extravaganza others are thrashing the movie for its poor storyline and execution.
Tamil Film's Producer Council President Keyar also jumped on the Irandam Ulagam bandwagon with a controversial comment. Keyar who attended the audio and trailer launch of Madha Yanaai Kootam said recently a corporate produced a film worth of 66 crores(The Total budget of Irandam Ulagam) but instead of doing such films they can probably give more chance to newcomers. Keyar also added that the Producer's council will start regulating the production methodology of Corporates in Tamil Cinema.


  1. dei padam diff and visually great il accept but "producer" gaali da......think about ones family........

  2. u bloody fucker KEYAR , what u know about SELVARAGHAVAN CREATIVITY AND TALENT .. just fuck offf man .... IRANDAM ULAGAM is surely worth watching and great attempt in tamil cinema.. no point in critising the producer or the director


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