Kamal Haasan Talks about Attack on Shruti, Akshara's Bollywood Debut, His View on Re-marriage

The legendary Kamal Haasan is currently very busy with the post -production and promotional tours for his magnum opus Vishwaroopam 2. The actor in a recent interview to The Times of India opened up on various issues from the attack on Shruti to Akshara's Bollywood debut and his view on re-marriage.
Here are some extracts 

After the recent incident, are you anxious about Shruti's safety? 
Shruti has always been a brave girl who has gone through a lot. It is not easy when you have to deal with your parents' separation. She has seen a broken marriage at home, and for better or worse, that has taught her a lot. Yes I'm worried for her, like any other father would be and have asked her to be safe.

Your younger daughter Akshara is making her debut opposite Dhanush in Balki's film... 
Well, we are a film family, and I like the fact that we are constantly extending and becoming prolific. I'm very happy for Akshara.

How involved are you in their careers? 
Not really. We do talk about who is doing what, but I'm not the kind of father who is constantly advising his children on what to do. I will admit that I've had more conversations with Shruti on films as compared to Akshara. Eventually, they are the ones responsible for their decisions.

You've finished the sequel to Vishwaroopam. Is the scale bigger? 
The scale is much grander and more expensive! My character will evolve as more layers peel off. The backdrop is intriguing with bigger challenges faced by the protagonist.

Vishwaroopam was caught in a major controversy during its release. Aren't you worried for the sequel? 
That was an engineered controversy and not something that erupted naturally.

In an interview to TOI, your ex-wife Sarika said that marriage is a beautiful concept. Do you share her views? 
Absolutely not. Marriage is an old fashioned concept. It's a legal contract that almost forces you to stay with someone. I think if you genuinely love somebody, you don't need a piece of paper for validation.

So you have never given remarriage a thought? 
As of now, I'm very happy and comfortable with my life.


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