Nayanthara's Request to Delete Her Hot Scene

Here is a less known information on Thala's record breaking Arrambam. It's said that a steamy sequence featuring Nayanthara was deleted from the movie as per the actress request. The Mallu beauty who is still on comeback trail already scorched the screens with her sexy clad out bathroom costume in the movie. 
It is reported that there was another steamy sequence in the movie featuring Nayanthara. Few assistant directors who saw the first cut of the movie advised Nayan that the scene was too steamy and it would tarnish the Homely actress image of hers. The scene in question was several times glamour filled than the sequence featured in the movie.
Nayan who feared for her loss of image immediately approached Vishnu Vardhan and requested him to delete the sequence. Vishnu who understood Nayan's point of view deleted the sequence in question. Nayanthara is now accepting only those acting oriented roles rather than just the glam filled ones.


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