Lakshmi Menon Says She is Still Being Punished at School

Actress Lakshmi Menon is one of the hottest prospects in Kollywood today, Every movie the actress has been a  part of have turned into blockbusters. The actress is however still in Class 11, the actress in a recent interview to The Times of India opened up on her school life, her movies and much more..
Here are some excerpts from the interview 

How is your school reacting to your actress status?
My teachers cannot believe that I am a heroine now. They still see me as their student. I am still being punished if I am not attentive during class hours. Even recently, I was made to stand outside my classroom for missing my lessons. I am not an actress to my classmates and teachers.

So, how do you manage?
I am in commerce group and I study only before my exams. My mom is a teacher at the same school, so she helps me learn the missed lessons. I have no academic pressure right now. But, I am not very keen on taking up many projects next year as I will have my board exams. But if a fantastic script comes my way, I may forget my Class 12 lessons. (laughs).

We heard that you have a certain dress code when it comes to costumes in films...
Yes, I do follow a dress code and I ensure that my costumes are neat and modest as I need to face my teachers at my school. Moreover, my fans do not like me in a modern outfit. Even on my social media page, many commented that I look good only in homely dresses.

How do you choose your scripts?
I've not listened to the scripts so far. If I feel like working on a film, I would go for it. It depends on my gut feeling, which has worked out well for me so far.


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