STR and Hansika have Ended their Relationship ?

STR-Hansika were one couple to prominently feature in this year's headlines. The couple who played hide and seek with media for months finally took it to twitter to publicly confess their relationship. The couple shared such chemistry that they were absolutely adored by everyone. But ever since Hansika's birthday party photos leaked onto the internet things haven't been smooth sailing for the couple.
STR and Hansika's contrasting statement on their wedding then led to the question...If Hansika and STR have broken up ? According to the grapevine, that question seems to have been finally answered after the RITZ awards show in Chennai.
Hansika arrived first, collected her award and left quickly. Its was only after Hansika left did STR reach the venue. This may been sheer coincidence but reports have it that the couple have split and therefore did not want to bump into each other.
There is also another incoming report that Nayanthara being signed up to pair up with STR for Director Pandiraj project is the final nail in the love coffin of STR and Hansika Motwani !!


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