Ajith is a Cyber Crime Officer !

Vishnuvardhan has been singing Thala Ajith's praise wherever he goes, such as been the performance and commitment Ajith has given in this movie especially the stunt sequences, Be it riding a Ducati Bike with a bleeding finger or a daredevil boat sequence, He has done it all , But what was Ajith's role in the movie ?
There were rumors that Ajith would play as a professional Hacker but Vishnuvardhan has rubbished it off as a rumor and says Ajith is actually a "Cyber Crime Officer" who helps the government in solving a mysterious email circulation. Arya's is set to be playing the villain role with Nayanthara and Taapsee Pannu adding the glamour quotient to the movie .This A.M Ratnam Production will be Ajith's 53rd venture. 


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