Oscar and The Indian Connection

Ever Since Danny Boyle and A R Rahman put India on the Oscars platform in 2009 with 'Slumdog Millionaire' , our country has been getting some well deserved attention at the mother of all award ceremonies.India wasn't left out this year as well and it was Ang Lee's turn to portray India like never before.His film 'Life of Pi' got nominated in a whopping 11 categories including Best Song for which our very own 'Bombay' Jayashri was a nominee.Going into the Oscars this morning 'Life of Pi' was expected to win big this year and it ended bagging four awards which is more than any other film. Unfortunately 'Bombay' Jayashri couldn't join A R Rahman in the list of a very few Indians to have won the Oscar , Best Song was won by Adele for her brilliant rendition of "Skyfall" for the movie 'Skyfall'.

'Life of Pi' won for it's outstanding visual effects by Rhythm and Hues studio based in California , it's out of the world cinematography by Claudio Miranda,it's soul numbing music by Mychael Danna and the biggest of them all Ang Lee pipped Steven Spielberg and David O.Russell among others to win the Oscar in Directing.He had earlier won the Oscar for his 2005 romantic drama 'Brokeback Mountain'.It was very  much an Indian evening at the 2009 Academy Awards with 'Slumdog Millionaire' winning 8 awards then and  this year 'Life of Pi' managed to bag 4 awards which is more than any other film this year making the Indian connection strong at the Oscars with every passing year.We hope it continues to pave way for all our technicians and film makers to be noted globally.


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