Why this Kolaveri is Rubbish Says Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor the daughter of Anil Kapoor who is the female lead to Dhanush's Bollywood Flick "Raanjhnaa" had a bit to say about her Dhanush's Trend setter Kolaveri song " You Know.. Dhanush wrote that song like wasted. Its Amazing. 
She also revealed that She loves Kolaveri more than PSY Gangnam Style saying "I love Kolaveri more, i love all these rubbish !".
When asked about her experience in acting alongside a newcomer to Bollywood in Dhanush she said " That's the thing..I'm Talking a lot a chances this year but im sure this movie will be a huge hit."


  1. Sonam do you think you are Nicole Kidman? Ur life compared to any female actor's life in the cinema field is going to be hardly 8yrs in the peak. So learn to be humble sometimes too...


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