Feud Between Karthi & Venkat Prabhu ?

Karthi who started out with a bang delivering back to back blockbusters suddenly hit a blip with a series of flops with "Saguni" and "Alex Pandiyan". This has given a rude awakening to Karthi who now is extra cautious about choosing his scripts but this extra cautiousness has led to a feud between Karthi and Venkat Prabhu.
Karthi who currently is working with Venkat Prabhu for his "Biriyani" movie has been causing alot of dilemma by repeatedly questioning the scene structure and the story line during the shoots , he has also been calling Venkat Prabhu off shoots to ask why the scene wasn't shot has he suggested. 
Venkat Prabhu irritated by these repeated requests has been changing the story so that Karthi would stop pestering him, this two way confusion in the movie story has created a doubt in the minds of other actors and technicians on the what the story of the movie really is.


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