Veena Malik kissed 137 times in a minute !

The Pakistani Import "Veena Malik" who started out in Big Boss 4 has then gone on to capture the Punjabi, Telugu , Kannada and Hindi markets with her sizzling beauty. This Model cum actress celebrated her birthday yesterday where she vowed to break the Guinness Record for Maximum Kisses in a minute.
She has actually completed the feat by receiving 137 Kisses in a minute beating the previous record set by Salman Khan of 108 Kisses.The Dabangg star previous record was set when he was kissed by 108 children as a part of a show, Guiness World Records - Ab India Todega.
This is what Veena had to say upon breaking the Guinness Record 

" I made it ...Flattened Dabang Khan's GUINNESS Record of 108.. received 137 Kisses in a minute ..and u got it all wrong it was on my HAND !!


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