No Superstar for KV Anand after Maatran's Failure

K.V Anand now has no chance of directing a Rajinikanth movie  . As we reported earlier K.V Anand was first in line to direct Superstar after Kochayadain . Rumors had it that Superstar impressed by K.V Anand's one liner accepted the role and AGS had come forward to produce the movie and also had payed an advance to K.V Anand. But Superstar was upset that this news had leaked all over and was bit skeptical about doing this movie and incidentally the project was dropped  . 
There is also another side to the story, the same Production firm that had payed advance to K.V Anand had reconsidered their own decision, because of the risk in letting K.V Anand directing this movie after Maatran's debacle. Its is rumoured that AGS have asked K.V Anand to do just the script and camera, whereas direction would be handled by either Muragadoss or Shankar. 
Lets just wait and see what K.V Anand has say to about this rumour.


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