Nithya Menon Caught up in Siddarth & Samantha's Love Story

Nithya Menon has once again found herself on the wrong side of Siddarth's Love Story. Nithya Menon was originally set to play the lead role in the movie "Dum Dum Pee Pee" but Samantha has replaced her with Nithya being pushed to play second fiddle. Sources reveal that Siddarth might have had a role to play in it considering the growing romance between him and Samantha. Sources also revealed that it was Siddarth who wanted Samantha to be cast alongside him and promised the director to get her call sheets if she does so.
This isn't the first time Nithya Menon has had to pay the price for Siddarth's overflowing love,it was the same case for her in  "Oh My Friend" movie where she was all set to play the lead role only to be replaced by then lover of Siddarth "Shruti Haasan".


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