STR's Set to Marry a Heroine ?

Our Young Superstar, the Manmadhan of our kollywood industry has been breaking many a heart ever since Vinnaithandi Vaaruvaaya, it looks like Simbhu might have finally found his "Jessie" in real life. Rumour mill has it that Simbhu's Jessie might also be a heroine who has just started out in the industry. Reports has it that he has been seeing this mystery girl of his for the past one year and his waiting for their relationship to move to a level where he can comfortably say that this is the girl i'm gonna marry.
Any Guesses on who this girl could be fans ?


  1. who ever she might be she is lucky.. they must be best xample for good couples like ajith n shalini.. Our prayers to get a supportive n welwishing girl without selfish who lives her life dedicatedly to him...RTR fan of STR frim Hosur....


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