Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya 3 !!

It is Gautham Vasudev Menon's VinnaiThaandi Varuvaaya's(VTV) 3rd year anniversary and we would like to do our bit in honouring this wonderful creation from the Wizard of romance himself.It was the summer of 2009 and few parody posters of Alaipauthey,Dil Se,Minsara Kanavu were being published in the media which featured two unknown faces,Gautham Menon wanted to play this card very close to his chest and he did not reveal his lead characters.When they were finally revealed ,boy oh boy those characters of "Karthik" played by STR and "Jessie" played by Trisha went on to carve a separate place in the history of Tamil Cinema with their ultra realistic urban depiction of their respective characters. 
VTV was released on exactly the same day 3 years ago and opened to mixed reviews, few critics thrashing the movie mostly due to Jessie's wobbly characterization but there were extreme contrast reviews on the other end praising the movie as an all time best romantic movie ever.It didn't fail us either and we were mightily impressed with what Gautham created, did he realise while he was writing the movie that he is writing himself into the history books of Tamil Cinema.Not Sure.But he touched each of us through his poetry, he got Rahman to score music for his movie and what Rahman missed in Tamil Cinema in the few years he was concentrating on Hollywood and Bollywood he made up for that through his score for VTV.It was Rahman's best album in years,songs or anthems should we call it.
The romance of VTV played out to all the couples who identified themselves with the movie and those who couldn't identify went on to make an effort to get identified, thus by ensuring the romance in VinnaiThaandi Varuvaaya crossed the skies and fell on to the hearts of millions of people.


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