Aadhibhagavan - Movie Review

After a wait of two years Ameer is back with 'Aadhibhagavan' after his cult classic 'Paruthiveeran'.The title of this movie was changed from 'Aadhibhagavan' to "Ameer'in Aadhibhagvan" due to protests from a certain religious outfit.Read this review at your own risk ,since there could be potential spoilers and please do note that it is the only part which keeps the movie afloat.Okay now let's head into the plot of the movie,After Ameer's stint with the rural side he has moved over to an entire new arena with this supposedly gangster flick.'Jayam' Ravi plays Aadhi a gangster in Bangkok who wants to setup his own kingdom and does not want to work with his boss Sam played by Babu Antony,what follows is how and why Neetu Chandra enters Ravi's kingdom and changes his world around literally.

Now the movie has been shot at various places such as Hyderabad,Pattaya,Mumbai and Goa and the storyline shifts focus to each of these locations as and when required.The movie starts of at Hyderabad,We are shown that Rao brothers have been accused of a multi crore illegal granite scam which the CM and few other ministers of AP goverment are a part of.Enter Ravi as the CBI officer and 10 odd cars with policemen and other CBI officials wanting to raid Rao brother's house.They end up seizing crores of money and various other stuff and at the end of the scene it is revealed through the Rao brothers that Ravi and Co. have pulled off a heist scene posing as CBI officers.Game 1 to Ameer.

What follows is a series of cliched dramas like Ravi's mother abandoning him since he has taken to the dark side,his sister getting into a relationship with a bad person(in this case a drug dealer) and Ravi's promotion as a gangster.There are several scenes in the movie which ends up being unintentionally hilarious.There is a scene where Ravi is sitting in a pub, a waiter goes up to him to ask for his order.Ravi tells her that he will place his order later and the waiter makes a note of that in her book and leaves the place.There are several scenes where Ravi is required to speak English and his English ends up being hilarious.He really needs to work on that part.Yuvan's songs in the first half are a damp squib and songs have been forced into the narrative,he needs to work on his consistency.Both 'Samar' and 'Aadhi-Bhagavan' weren't impressive at all.All the songs except the 'Bhagavan Rap' song seems forced and it would do a world of good if they were chopped off.We were hugely impressed with what Neetu Chandra brought to the movie.She has a full fledged role including a action sequence in which she was incredible,off late Tamil Cinema has been providing the female lead with heavy roles through the likes of Samantha in 'Neethane En Ponvasantham' , Trisha in 'Samar' and now Neetu Chandra in this one.She makes use of this opportunity to the fullest and delivers on par with Ravi's double role in the movie.Yes Ravi plays a double role in this movie and it is a surprise that he has performed the role of 'Bhagavan' exceedingly well when compared to the role of 'Aadhi'.Cinematography by R.B Gurudev and K.Devaraj is top notch and the various locales in the movie have been presented to perfection.Yuvan's background score is adequate,the movie ends with a possibility of a sequel.
Only if Ameer had worked on the first half and not resorted to stereotypes the movie would have justified the title Ameer'in AadhiBhagavan , but it ends up being just AadhiBhagavan without his stamp.


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