The Lakshmi Rai Controversy !

Being in the center of Controversy isn't a new thing for the sexy siren "Lakshmi Rai". She had her fair share of controversies right from the start of her career , the recent one being her tussle with "Trisha" post the success of "Mangatha". 
Lakshmi Rai has been caught up once again in the thick of things, Firstly She was rumoured to have developed a relationship with Vinay during the shoots of "Onbathala Guru" , before this rumor even subsided, there was another one stating that Vinay had requested the director of the movie personally that he and lakshmi be placed in the same hotel. A leading monthly magazine took this rumour to new heights by featuring a exclusive interview where Laskhmi Rai questions what's wrong in staying in the same room with an actor.
Lakshmi Rai has totally rubbished this article in her twitter account saying " I'm not gonna bare even a bit of rubbish ! Enough is Enough ! Just cant let it go easily this reporter has taken controversial news without my knowledge !! Not done !

Lakshmi Rai did take this matter to the courts and the same magazine have been asked to never again write any article on Lakshmi Rai.


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