I Never wore any Obscene Dress - Priyamani

As SS Music reported earlier there was a private case filed on actresses Anushka and Priyamani by a social activist Subuddha stating both the actresses wear objectionable costumes and misguide the youth in wrong direction and also showcase women in a very bad light.The movie in question for Priyamani was 'Tikka', 
Tikka also managed to irk a controversy for abundant intimacy between Priyamani and Krishna (Kitty), However Priyamani doesn't seem to bothered about these allegations stating "I'm very well aware of what i do and I don't need to reminded of it again and again, i have acted in so many telugu movies but nobody has ever complained, i think the complaint is childish and it seeks out to gain publicity". 
When asked if Anushka wore any obscene dresses she replied that question should be posed to Anushka not to me.


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