STR On Winning the Poll of Next Big Star of Kollywood

Ever since our blog went online , we were curious and anxious to find out the best of the best from our Tamil film Industry .We conducted various polls and posted them on our Facebook and Twitter page and requested the fans to vote for their favourite stars.There has been an unprecedented response in the polls we conducted .Next we decided to find out who might possibly rule Kollywood in the future and what better way to find out than letting the fans decide themselves

We made a list of 8 Gen Next's of Kollywood and asked the fans to vote for 'The Next Big Star Of Kollywood'.Ever since the poll opened 10 days back Simbu was leading right from the front .Initially Dhanush and STR were neck to neck , then as the poll went on STR swept the poll amassing a humongous 61% of the total votes.STR is one of the brightest young stars of Kollywood , ever since his 2009 smash hit Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya he has gone to join the big guns of Kollywood thereby earning huge respect from the fans for his talent.We wish this talented young star all the best for Vaalu and all his forthcoming movies.

Here is the link to the Poll Results 

Here is what Simbu had to say on winning the poll , Here is the tweet from STR..


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