Reality or Brutality ?

There is a very thin line between showing realism in cinema and being barbaric in nature.Director Bala's B-Studios have released a video on YouTube which features the making of his Paradesi. This video features Bala explaining his actors to kick ,slap and act naturally . He himself has slapped and kicked a old man  and the worst of all he kicks a lady who seem to be terribly scared in the video.

It looks a publicity stunt from the director after his previous movie Avan Ivan bombed at the box office.
Controversy sells all right , but this form of barbarism is unacceptable and it sets a very bad standard for film making.This is what few of our Kollywood celebrities tweeted after seeing this disturbing video 

Dhayanidhi Alagiri ‏@dhayaalagiri
I'm a big fan of Bala sir.. He is an icon to the tamil industry.. but I really dunno what to say after seeing that video.. very disturbed !

Balaji Mohan ‏@directormbalaji
#Paradesi 'reality' teaser sets a bad example to young future filmmakers who consider Bala sir as an idol. This isnt the way to make films.

c.s.amudhan ‏@csamudhan
After the recent reality video, I am sure my cast is framing my photo & hanging in living-room

Updated : 13/3 16:39

Siddharth ‏@Actor_Siddharth
A video of a director hitting his actors in the name of reality is going viral.Can we please have one of actors beating the hell out of him?


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